The evening will be made into a celebration by a beautiful table setting and using real tableware. Today you may use the city as your own dining hall. So no need to set your table so far from your kitchen that you would not be able to carry your rubbish and leftovers back. All the participants are responsible for keeping the city tidy.

Let’s make this an unforgettable night!

Setting the table

On this one night people will dine everywhere in the city!

You can set your table in a courtyard, gateway, in front of your home or the local park. Please leave enough space for pedestrians and emergency vehicles to pass.

Helsinki City Public Works Department is in favour of the Dinner and hopes that citizens would keep the following in mind when setting their dinner table:

– tables should not be set in driveways or parking spaces
– tables should be set on hard surfaces, such as concrete or gravel in parks
– the pavements should not be completely blocked. At least 1.5m should be left for passing safely
– at the end of the evening everything should be cleared up and rubbish taken away

So that the dinner is not considered a public event, one dinner may only have a maximum of 50 people. In the same park or street only max. 100 people may dine. Please check our map to make sure the spot of your dreams is still available and then fill in a registration form. We will forward all the forms to the Public Works Department and mark your dinner on the map

A white cloth will mark your participation at the Dinner under the Helsinki Sky Everywhere.

If you set the table somewhere else than in city owned public space, please ask for permission from the owner of the space. For example if you have dinner in the courtyard of your house, also invite your neighbours to join in!


Please provide a short description of your dinner and the number of people attending in the following manner: “Happy Huvilakatu dinner, 24 people”. The description will be shown on the dinner map. Please also provide all the details of the person in charge, they will be responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the evening. These details will not be shown on the map. Fill in all the questions in the form.