Etiquette tapiola


Join us to share a picnic dinner and enjoy the lovely August summer feeling!

We have built a dinner table to courtyard of Exhibition Centre Weegee. Orchestra music plays and garden lights spark. Invite your friends, pack your food, grab your drinks and cutlery. Come and enjoy a meal together under the sky of Tapiola. Let’s make this an unforgettable night together!

You can book a table for your group on the internet from 9pm on 10th August. Max 6 seats per reservation. There are altogether 200 seats available.

Arriving at the dinner

Dinner time 6:00-9:00pm

Please arrive with your group by 7:00pm. After this empty places will be given to surprise guests.

You will receive a ticket by email, which will be used as proof of a table reservation. Please have it available on your phone or in print. We will check the reservation slips if required.

Please do not leave booked tables empty. You can cancel your reservation through a link, which will be sent in confirmation message.

Seating order

Guests arriving first will sit at the end of the table, the following ones right next to them etc. Please fill all the benches without gaps in the order of arrival, so that everyone can fit at the tables. If one of you is running late, please reserve a space for them among the rest of your group.


You can find parking spaces in Exhibition Centre Weegee and nearby (1 €/h). There are busses from Kamppi to Tapiola and near Weegee (106, 106T, 110, 110T, 110TA), from Elielinaukio (194, 194A, 194N), from Espoo (10,15, 18, 18Z) and from Vantaa.

Dress code

There is no dress code but dressing up is always fun. Please consider the weather and take something warm with you. The tables are sheltered from rain.

Clealiness and powdering

Please consider the environment and keep the area nice for others. Take your own rubbish and left-over food away with you. For those a little lazier, we have some rubbish bins at both ends of the street.

Guests can powder their noses in restrooms Exhibition Centre Weegee.

Surprise guests and safety

Surprise guests are welcome – if you act as their hosts and make space for them in your own reserved area. Unexpected guests you may politely turn away.