Finnish Your Dinner – Kuala Lumpur

Finnish Your Dinner – celebrating Finland’s centenary

Around a dozen Finnish embassies, missions and friendship societies abroad will be setting long dinner tables during the same weekend. The tables will be set in their own cities in a public space. Residents and friends of Finland are invited to join in. These Grand Dinner Parties will be organised in the spirit of the now well-established Helsinki tradition; the party invitation should read: 

’We are setting one long dinner table decked in a white tablecloth for city residents. Invite your friends along and bring your own food, drinks and tableware. Let’s dine together in the open air and celebrate Finland!’


Finnish Your Dinner in Kuala Lumpur on 26 August 2017

You are invited to enjoy our beautiful city and mark the Finland 100 anniversary by attending a joint picnic dinner.

26 August, at 7pm

Binjai 8 Premium Soho Building (Sky Lounge on the 40th floor)

Lorong Binjai, No. 2 (off Jalan Ampang) in KLCC

We have set up a long dinner table and covered it with a white tablecloth so city residents can dine together. Invite your friends and bring your food, drinks and chic picnicware. Let’s enjoy a dinner together and celebrate Finland!

You can reserve a place for yourself and your friends on this page starting on 6 August at 9m. The seats are free and one reservation may include 4 seats at the most. Make sure to sign up as soon as the registration begins, because space is limited and the seats will go rapidly!

The event is organised by the Embassy of Finland in Malaysia, Malaysian-Finnish Business Council and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Yhteismaa ry – Common Ground. Finnish Your Dinner belongs to the Finland 100 anniversary programme.

Let’s do this together!

Find out more about the Finnish Your Dinner 2017 events on our Facebook page at Facebook.

Come and join us!

Registration will open on 6 August at 9 pm HERE




Time of dinner at 7.30pm

Please make sure that you and your friends arrive by 7.30pm After this time, unclaimed seats will be given to surprise guests.

You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation and this will serve as proof of your group reservation. Keep this confirmation available on your mobile phone or bring a printed copy of the email. We will be checking reservations if necessary.

We hope you are able to use your reservation. If you need to cancel, please use the link in the email confirmation.

Seating arrangements.

The first arrivals will take the middle seats at the table, the next ones will sit next to them and so on. Following this pattern, guests should take the next available seats and not leave any gaps at the table. If anyone in your group is going to be late, you can reserve a seat for him or her.

Dress code – Casual Saturday

Clean-up and facilities – Together after the dinner


Surprise guests and security

Add your NRCI or passport number, when registering for the event